Hello, I’m Kevin Flick, co-founder of Blenderhead Music. If you’re an independent artist aiming to refine your sound and elevate it above the noise, you’re in the right place. We specialize in helping you create an immersive listening experience through expert mixing and mastering.

  1. Initial Consultation: Let’s start with a conversation. Tell me about the music that inspires you, from your favorite artists to specific sounds you love, like that perfect snare tone. This helps us tune into your unique sound right from the start.
  2. Setting Expectations: Transparency is key. We’ll lay out the mixing process, establish timelines, and discuss costs upfront, so you know exactly what to expect.
  3. Remote Collaboration: As I craft your mix, you’ll receive updates and sound samples to review. This ongoing feedback loop ensures the mix evolves in a direction that truly represents your vision.
  4. Feedback Integration and Revisions: Nearing what we think could be the final mix, you’ll get up to five revisions to make sure everything is just right, fine-tuning details to perfect your track.
  5. Final Review and Approval: The final review lets you listen to and approve the mix, ensuring it meets your standards and fits your artistic vision before moving on to mastering

Read about Our Mastering Process!

At Blenderhead Music, we’re dedicated to helping artists achieve their vision while collaborating with them in the process.