Marshall Baker worked closely with Kevin Flick on the production of this album. Baker wrote and tracked every instrument and everything you hear on this EP, co-producing it with Flick. Flick recorded the album with Marshall’s guidance, setting up shop in Baker’s bedroom studio. Flick also mixed and mastered the tracks. The EP was released on October 10, 2019, and You was released by Nice Guys on September 18, 2019.

Saeyers’ music was added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds, along with David Dean Burkhart’s Youtube and Spotify playlist, Compact Cassette. Gorilla vs Bear added it to Gorilla vs Bear’s Modern Yacht Rock Mix and gave them airplay on Serius XM Radio. A number of blogs added the EP and select singles to their best-of lists, including Highclouds, Gorilla vs Bear, and BIRP! FM. The EP has over 1M streams on various platforms. You is the fifth song on the Nice Guys Love You – Volume 2 label compilation, which has 1.5M views.

Nice Guys Love You – Vol. 2