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Blenderhead is the mixing and mastering service of Kevin Flick and Scott Drichel (our Blenders page has more about us).

Kevin Flick of Blenderhead is a mixing and mastering engineer. This playlist includes songs that he produced, recorded, mixed, and/or mastered. (Click the down arrow on the player to view the playlist.)


Deer Friends is Seth Boles and Tommy Muldowney. Flick mastered their debut LP, released in December 2023.

Cathedral Bells is led by Matthew Messore. This single was released by Spirit Goth Records as part of their Spirit Goth Singles. Flick mixed and mastered the single, released October 8, 2021.

Midi Memory is the project of Matthew Messore. Flick mixed and mastered the debut album Sensory Overload, released by Spirit Goth on December 3, 2021.

Saeyers is Marshall Baker. He wrote and performed everything on the EP. Flick co-produced the EP with Baker; Flick also recorded, mixed, and mastered it, as long as managed the artist. ‘You’ was released by Nice Guys. Baker and Flick also released two Marshall Lewis EPs