Marshall Lewis

Marshall Lewis is the solo project of Marshall Baker (Saeyers). Kevin Flick began working with Baker when he was eighteen years old. Together, they recorded the first Marshall Lewis EP, Higher Nature, releasing it when Marshall was nineteen. He brought a number of musicians into the studio, while writing everything. Chapters was recorded at Primary Sound with Flick engineering the sessions. Kevin also acted as Marshall’s manager, helping him set up shows and market his music.

Baker and Flick continued to work together on the second Marshall Lewis EP, Learned. This album was recorded in a makeshift garage studio. Like the first EP, they brought musicians in for pedal steel, strings, bass, drums, and other instruments. Again, Baker wrote all of the songs and produced the album. Flick engineered, mixed, and mastered the songs. The album was released on November 5, 2015. The instrumental track Lost River has drawn close to 300,000 streams on SoundCloud.

Marshall Lewis performing a Sofar show in Chicago, Illinois.